Luxury Roman orgies are becoming quite the ‘thing’ in Greece following notorious swingers parties at Piraeus, Crete and Pelion where couples run naked through the hallways exchanging partners while sprucing up their love life. The next orgy is scheduled to take place on the island of Rhodes where clients are invited to a number of exclusive events.

Visitors will stay at Pink Pearl Villa, Blue Beach Villa, Christina Villa, Afrodite Villa, Luxury Villa Beach Front and Venus Villa where there will be high security to keep away prying eyes. Swingers are invited to join in a nudist environment and take part in a plethora of activities in and around the pool.

Events include a Cosmic Love party on June 15, priced at 1,050 euros per person, that will only be for 16 lucky people who wil get to enjoy tantric sex. The Cougar town party kicks off on June 4 and is for 20-40 people willing to pay 1,000 euros per person for admission. The Tutti Frutti Wild Party on June 11 for 20 people at 1,000 euros per person promises to be full of flavors and new experiences making admission price worthwhile for those who lust after the carnal. There’s also a Best Swinging Couple Contest on July 2 at 1,300 euros per person for 50-80 people.

The No Rules party swinging takes place on July 16 and is for 20-30 people willing to pay 950 euros each.

Activities culminate on August 13 when International Swinging Day is celebrated. 50-80 swingers willing to pay 1,150 euros per person for admission will have a blast. There will be a number of planned activities to help break the ice including wet T-shirt contests and cash prizes from 500-2,000 euros per person.

The Swingers Fiesta initiative is the brainchild of Hind Fatima Zahra, Director fo the Public Relations Department of Promotional Model at Europe. His goal is to bring global swingers to Greece thanks to his large clientel from France to HongKong, and Australia to Russia.


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